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Watch Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Online

Watch the creepy 1920 silent version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide online at YouTube. The incomparable John Barrymore takes the lead.There are countless stage, screen, radio, you name it adaptations of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but this is the greatest of them all, in my humble opinion. And after this scares your pants off, lighten the mood with “Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde“.


Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Well it’s another week down, and it’s a warm sunny Friday. While I sip a Mai Tai out by the pool, take a read around the interwebs. Here’s a round up of fun and interesting things I found this week. It’s Anthony Weiner free, scout’s honor. And don’t forget to drop by next week… I’m on a Buster Keaton kick these days, and you’ll find a series of reviews of Buster’s comedy shorts!

  • The Alfred Hitchcock Geek has an interesting piece comparing Hitchcock and Edward Hopper. I had never really thought of that, but it made sense as soon as I read it.
  • The Silent Treatment is a bi-monthly newsletter of silent movie talk. The best part is that all past issues are archived online.
  • The always entertaining Mythical Monkey imagines the ultimate fate of Sam in Casablanca.
  • For those not familiar with Canada (it’s due north), the Canadian government dispenses a lot of grant money for artists of all sorts to do what they do. For example, quirky directors like Guy Maddin. Take a read, check out YouTube, and track down his features.
  • YouTube user BentoJoaoAntonio  is slowly but surely posting each of the 13 episodes of the 1980 documentary series Hollywood: A Celebration of the American Silent Film, directed by Kevin Brownlow & David Gill for Thames Television. This is awesome beyond belief. So far he’s posted through episode nine. Check them out and stay tuned for the rest.

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