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Buster Keaton in “The Railrodder”

As I big fan of both Buster Keaton and Canada, I have to love this NFB production from 1965. The National Film Board of Canada website describes “The Railrodder”:

A screen short starring Buster Keaton, this is one of the last films of the comedian’s long career. As “the railrodder” he crosses Canada from east to west on a railway track speeder. As might be expected, the film is full of sight gags as Keaton putt-putts his way to British Columbia. Not a word is spoken throughout, and Keaton is as spry and ingenious at fetching laughs as he was in the days of the silent slapsticks. Film without words.

Thanks to Klaus from Ming for pointing out this delightful short featuring late-life Buster Keaton. After you watch “The Railrodder,” make sure to check out the “Movie reviews in about 100 or words or less” at Ming!


Buster Keaton in “Convict 13”

Buster Keaton as Convict 13 - Pretty Clever FilmsI hesitate to say it, oh I am loathe to say it, but… I don’t love “Convict 13”. For his second Comique Film Corp. release, Keaton reverts to standard, well trodden slapstick tropes. It’s not a terrible film, but it misuses his talents and does not display much of the film making bravura that we know Keaton possesses.

In “Convict 13” our erstwhile hero finds himself assaulted by an escaped convict and wakes up wearing the cons prison stripes. Unfortunately for Buster, Convict 13 was scheduled to be hung that day. He escapes this fate with help from the Warden’s daughter, and, learning from experience, manages to switch his prison garb for a guard’s uniform. Read the rest of this entry

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