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Whew… it’s been a hilarious week at Pretty Clever Films. I hope everyone enjoyed Buster Keaton Week as much as I did. Of course I had the distinct please of watching Buster while everyone else had to read my rambling thoughts about him, so it may have been more fun for me. Though I was very busy with Buster, I did not neglect my obligation to fritter away time on the interwebs so you don’t have to. Here’s my round-up of the coolest, best, most interesting stuff I found this week. Have a great weekend and happy watching!

  • “That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!” FilmSchoolRejects and TwitchFilm have set themselves the mega-task of watching each and every episode of the incomparable Twilight Zone. Check out the series “Exploring the Twilight Zone” with this Week One Wrap-Up and then take a gander at the other posts.
  • Ok, this link floated around the blogsphere and the twitterverse and facebookville (and the Twilight Zone?) all week, but if you missed the TCM Movie Morlocks feature on “The Many Noses of Orson Welles” go read it now. This is wonderful and creepy and fascinating and weird, all at the same time.
  • Via Margutta 51 coins a brand new term – “Bio-compelled viewing: The movies you just need to [re]watch after reading or watching a biography of someone related to cinema.” I am totally guilty of this too (and so are you, admit it). But the first step is admitting you have a problem… or just reading the excellent post “7 Reasons why I loved Way of the Gaucho.” And then watching a bunch of Gene Tierney movies.
  • In “Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for My Wardrobe” the always interesting Distant Voices and Flickering Shadows blog celebrates the costume designer heroes of silent film.
  • I toyed with the idea of doing an all Buster Keaton “Film Friday,” but decided to diversify in the end. But I can’t let the week pass without mentioning the BEST thing I found this week. Raquelle at Out of The Past posted a review of Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow ,  a 3 part British TV Mini-Series about the man himself. She was also kind enough to create a YouTube playlist of all the parts so we can all watch along.

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