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Hitchcock in the ’50’s on TCM!

Don’t forget that TCM is showing 5 (that’s right, 5) Hitchcock films from the ’50’s. Arguably, this is the golden era of Hitchcock. But, shhh,  let’s not argue…let’s just watch. Fire up the DVR or start drinking coffee if you don’t have one!

  • Stage Fright at 8:00 pm EST
  • I Confess at 10:00 pm EST
  • Dial M for Murder at 12:00 am EST
  • The Wrong Man at 2:00 am EST
  • Strangers on a Train at 4:00 am EST

In the meantime, check out this fabulous post from Noir and Chick Flicks about Hitch in the 50’s.

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