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Harold Lloyd in “An Eastern Westerner” (1920)

Harold Lloyd - An Eastern Westerner - Pretty Clever FilmsIn the holy Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd trinity of silent film comedians, I find Harold Lloyd the funniest. Charlie Chaplin moves me to tears with his Victorian pathos and Buster Keaton amazes me with inspiring physical acrobatics and obsessive problem solving. But it’s Harold Lloyd that makes me laugh, often out loud, and for a very long time. The Harold Lloyd character, “Glasses Guy” we’ll call him, is certainly the most relatable of the three. In Lloyd’s spunky success-driven go getter, we can see our own unfailing optimism that persistence and hard work will pay off, by gosh! But, sadly, in the ultimately disappointing An Eastern Westerner, Lloyd doesn’t quite play this well-loved  and funny character. Read the rest of this entry

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