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In my continuing quest to pass as Canadian, I’m spending the last half of this week “out in it.” That’s right, as you are reading this and enjoying the best the interwebs has to offer, I’m in an unairconditioned lodge in the middle of the woods, boiling my own drinking water! I like a day on the lake as much as the next film gal, but… no movies for four days! That’s doesn’t mean that I’ve left my blog readers hanging. I crash crammed my way around the interwebs and dug up these gems for you. Happy weekend and happy viewing (and think of me as you kick back with Netflix)!

  • Tales of the Easily Distracted brings us this consideration of Double Indemnity. Note to self, watch Double Indemnity again.
  • Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear brings us a another review of a John Ford silent movie, Four Sons. Even better he’s posting this on YouTube along with The Iron Horse. And even better better, he’s also posted hard-to-find The Phenix City Story. Check out the YouTube channel and send some thanks Nate’s way.
  • The Movie Morlocks site featured a great little Chaplin piece this week, Chaplin Vs. The Mimics. Chaplin is now so iconic and deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness, it’s difficult to think of The Tramp being an invention. Of course it is, and this article is a fascinating read about Chaplin’s struggles with imitators and the sticky wicket of considering who influenced whom and when.
  • Sadly, the Silents and Talkies blog is now defunct, but the archives live on for your enjoyment – including the two part “Is that mustache really necessary” series. Read part 1 here and part 2 here, and think about it. Don’t mustaches always kind of look like a caterpillar crawled onto a dude’s face? And be sure to check out the new Scathingly Brilliant blog of @kategabrielle.
  • The Toronto Film Scene site has a sweet little piece about film noir by writer Bennett O’Brian. It not only makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good noir, it drove me to read Paul Schrader’s “Notes on Film Noir” as well.
  • Since watching The Scarlet Letter, I’ve had Lilian Gish on the brain. Check out an adorably ancient Gish being interviewed by Joan Rivers in 1983:

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