Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd Locations (and more)

John Bengtson is the author of three books about the triumverate of silent comedians, Silent Echoes, Silent Traces, and Silent Visions. These books track the real world settings used as background in the films of Keaton, Chaplin, and Lloyd and document them in a then and now fashion. For lovers of silent films, these books are a must read. Go ahead and order them. I’ll wait.

Now that you order is places, you can pass the time between now and the arrival of your books with Bengston’s excellent website Silent Locations. No mere recapitulation of his books, Silent Locations provides supplementary materials like tours, videos, interviews, and presentations – all sorts of goodies that can’t be replicated between the covers a book. Be warned, you can while away a lot of time on this site. And you may feel oddly compelled to start booking a lot of flights, too.

Happy reading!

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