Book Charlie Chaplin for Your Next Party

So apparently, if you’re a kid growing up in Kolkata, West Bengal, you won’t have a clown and balloon animals at your next birthday bash – you’ll have Charlie Chaplin! Chaplin is like the Elvis of West Bengal, with many many impersonators spawning a cottage industry. Personally, I can’t wait til Vegas is overtaken by Chaplin impersonators and one can get a quicky marriage at the Charlie Chaplin Chapel of Love.

The only confirmation I have that this information is at all accurate is this post from Dear Cinema regarding Anindya Bandyopadhyay’s Bengali film Chaplin. I’m not having much luck finding more info about the trend or the film. But, hey, it really catches the imagination. Does anyone have more info about this movie?

Here’s what I *think* is the trailer for the movie:

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  1. I’ve seen some Indian movies, but I was unaware of a love for Charlie Chaplin there. I do remember watching the movie Black and thinking that the way the lead character walked with her stick (she was blind and deaf) made her look similar to Charlie Chaplin. I assumed it was intentional. If it was, perhaps it was put in for audiences in India and the reason was lost on me.

    • I didn’t know Chaplin was particularly popular there either, and I guess I still don’t. It was just an odd piece of info that I came across and I’ve been unsuccessful in finding other references or confirmation. However, there’s no reason why Chaplin shouldn’t be utterly universal and I can see many different cultures adopting him.

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