Hear, Hear… James Agee on Film

James AgeeI would like to use this column about moving pictures as to honor and discriminate the subject through interesting and serving you who are reading it. Whether I am qualified to do this is an open question to which I can give none of the answers. (…) As an amateur, then, I must as well as I can simultaneously recognize my own ignorance and feel no apology for what my eyes tell me as I watch any given screen, where the proof is caught irrelevant to excuse, and available in proportion to the eye which sees it, and the mind which uses it. – James Agee, “The Nation,” December 26, 1942

If you’re not reading James Agee’s film criticism, you should be. The man was a true wordsmith and a keen mind. He brings all the poetic power of the English language and sharp observations to bear on a medium that he obviously loved very much. As someone who writes about film, I can only hope to be a fraction as relevant as James Agee always was.The above quote, from Agee’s first film column for “The Nation,” is a good a mission statement for a film blogger as any.

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