Happy Buster Keaton Month (otherwise known as October)

You may have noticed there’s a lot of Buster Keaton news and info flying around the interwebs in the past few days! October 4th is Buster Keaton’s birthday so there is an explosion of Buster love all over the blogosphere. He’s the artist of the month on TCM and many, many bloggers have Keaton features rolling about this month. Keep an eye on this post as it will be updated as I discover new features and post. And please, for the love of Buster!, post any that you find! Click on to see all of the random Buster tidbits I can find!

Updates for October 1

View the TCM Buster schedule here.

The Kitty Packard Pictorial is planning a month long Buster smorgasbord called Project Keaton. I mean we’ve got content, giveaways, and a call to participate. Visit her post for details.

Updates for October 3

The International Buster Keaton Society is holding it’s annual event this October. It’s not too late to book your flight!

Carrie Rickey at philly.com says Sherlock, Jr. is the Best. Film. Ever.

Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Films talks Buster Keaton and silent films at The Quietus… “I liked Buster Keaton a great deal, but BK is so much like me that [the reason is] probably more because it’s like watching a home movie. I feel like I could understudy for Buster Keaton and no one would notice. I’d put on platform shoes and no one would notice that it wasn’t Buster Keaton.”

Peter Jackson talks Buster Keaton at theonering.net. Who knew?

Even fly-fishers love Buster Keaton. Don’t believe me? Check out SwittersB & Fly Fishing.

Comedy for Animators has a delightful clip of Buster on the Ed Wynn Show. Now if someone would tell me who Ed Wynn is…

Updates for October 4

Hey ho… TCM shared this tutorial to make your own Buster hat!

Silent London weighs in on the birthday of The Great Stone Face.

Musings from the Morbid One is re-blogging Keaton and not apologizing! And check out the tribute video!

The Fabulous Birthday Blog gives a fabulous birthday shout out to the fabulous Buster Keaton.

Noir and Chick Flicks jumps into Buster Mania with Buster Keaton: Part 1 and Buster Keaton: Part 2, with the promise of 6 more to come!

Costume test pic from Buster’s Keaton’s final film, “The Scribe” is up on the Toronto Film Society’s Facebook page.

The Toronto Silent Film Festival is showing lots of love on Facebook! Don’t miss this great photo and more!

Updates for October 5

A Mythical Monkey roots through the archives and finds a Steamboat Bill, Jr. Essay

Flapper Flickers & Silent Stanzas claims Buster as her silent film boyfriend.

Updates for October 10

The always informative John Bengtson brings us Buster’s Trains.

Buster Keaton Fuck Yeah rounds up some Busterific links.

It’s Buster’s birthday but we get the presents. From the Front is streaming The General.

You just got to read it… AFFR gives us “Buster Keaton, Architect.”

Hey, Buster’s on Facebook now.

Looking at Cartoons, Getting Along tells us what famous people say about The General.

Ffffound finds a pic of Buster Keaton that I’ve never seen.

Row Three calls the “One Week” house “proto-Ikea” and I laugh out loud.

MewDeep shares Buster plugging Alka Seltzer on Flickr.

MMLive reports on the Damfinos and answers questions left in their wake.

Did you always want to see a Keaton/Count Basie mash-up?

The Loudest Voice rounds up some links.

Updates for October 11

Captive Wild Woman (whoa!) tells us why “Buster Keaton is so damn funny.”

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