Buster Keaton Would Never Use a Taco as ID

Buster running from cops varietyFrom the world of wacky news, a drunk guy in Florida fell asleep at the wheel. Fortunately, he was stationary in the drive through at his local Taco Bell. Unfortunately, his brake was engaged but his foot was on the accelerator. After his engine caught on fire and police were summoned, this charming fellow produced a half-eaten taco when asked for ID.

I agree that this story has the hallmarks of great slapstick. But L.A. Weekly categorized this as “Buster Keaton meets Cops.” My little silent film nerd soul says, “Never! Buster would ever use a taco as ID!” Chaplin’s Tramp maybe…

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  1. I could see Chaplin doing that in an early Mack Sennett comedy — The Rounders, maybe — or Roscoe Arbuckle, possibly. But not Keaton. Keaton the movie character was such a resolutely sober chap — hard working, curious, deeply serious — that right off hand, I can’t remember him ever playing drunk.

    Still, thumbs up for the reporter knowing the name Buster Keaton and that he made a film named Cops.

  2. Precisely, Mr. Monkey! Buster was nothing if not law abiding. That Tramp on the other hand…

    But I will definitely take any Buster mention, for sure.

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