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Pretty Clever Film Gal is still struggling with the plague but crawling along the road to recovery. Thankfully, there was much to entertain and divert this week, what with the return of Bobby O. to TCM and the silent film bonanza sparked by Hugo and The Artists. It feels like a fine time to care about silent movies and old things. I’ll reserve any cynicism about off-cycle nostalgia rearing its head in troubled economic times (Squirrel Nut Zippers, anyone) and just bask in the glow. As I was (mostly) upright this week, the Film Friday Weekly Roundup is restored to its former glory, and all is right. Happy reading and happy viewing!

  • The blogosphere is aflame with Robert Osbourne love, and we’re all happy. He even gets his own Welcome Back Bob tumblog.
  • And on that topic, Slate gives the Bobby O. love a shout-out and specifically mentions @NoirGirl and Brandie at True Classics. Woot!
  • Thanks to @TOSilentFilm, I discovered the fantastic silent film blog The Loudest Voice. Set aside the time and drink it in!
  • Exploring the Twilight Zone rolls on at Film School Rejects. Playing along is fun!
  • Arthur, the World’s Greatest Baby, strikes it again, this time with Some Like It Hot.
  • How many twist jokes does it take to kill a Twitter feed? M. Knight Shyamalan joins Twitter. Brave man, brave man.
  • TCM’s Movie Morlocks jumps into the neo-silent film craze with “Silents Please.”
  • You might be surprised at how applicable these film noir quotes will be in your daily life. Memorize and use them well.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, this week’s featured vid was made by my friend. But the parallels between YouTube and film’s earliest presentations is a rich vein of exploration. Enjoy “Kinetotube” and let the thoughts unwind!

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Social media consultant, blogger for hire, and lover of classic movies and silent films. I often watch, consider, and write about movies when I should really be doing other things.

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