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Pretty Clever Film Gal tried to visit her favorite pool hall last night (yeah, so what?) and found it full of people dressed in business casual, wearing name tags and eating chicken on a stick. What in the ?!?… oh right, it must be holiday office party season. Nothing says office party like chicken on a stick! As the weather cools (look – it’s snowing!) and the holiday party season heats up, don’t forget to indulge in your favorite holiday movies. My personal favorite  is Gremlins. And don’t forget to make your movie themed wish lists for friends and loved ones! (I cannot recommend The Birds Barbie enough.)  If you need some ideas, take a quick trip around the interwebs, courtesy of PCF. Happy reading and happy watching!

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Social media consultant, blogger for hire, and lover of classic movies and silent films. I often watch, consider, and write about movies when I should really be doing other things.

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  1. “A Trap for Santa,” has my favorite “Griffith” actress, Marion Leonard, in a Christmas-time story that’s a bit darker than the title suggests. BTW, I really liked your Melies article. Well done. It made me go back and do some reading on early film technology and I found that Melies built his own camera — one of only a few that allowed for reversing the film in-camera for some of his shots (a great book is “Film Style & Technology” by Barry Salt, which delves deeply into how technology affected filmmakers’ work, who was using what equipment and when — more interesting than I’m making it sound!)

    Also, if you like crazy hats that people actually wore in films (and that also serve some sort of symbolic purpose in the film), you must check out diva film; espeically “Il Fuoco” (The Fire) with the phenomenal Pina Menichelli in her Owl hat! (or you could wait for my next post!).

  2. I just discovered “A Trap for Santa” and loved that’s it is such classic Griffith and very little Santa. I could only find the fragment, though. Do you know if the whole exists, or only the fragment survives?

    Thanks for the book rec… I’ll definitely check it out. The technology of early filmmaking is a subject that I personally find interesting. It was a tough proposition to write that kind of primer about Melies (I wanted to take the approach of no-prior knowledge). There is so much to say about Melies, books and books worth. But I hope a movie like Hugo prompts people who are otherwise unfamiliar with Melies to seek out his work.

    Good job building post suspense! If there’s an owl hat, I’m definitely there!

  3. “Trap for Santa” can be found in its entirety (as far as I can tell) on the KINO dvd, “A Christmas Past,” a compilation of early Christmas themed films, which is probably still available (I think I got mine from Amazon 2 or 3 yrs ago).

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