Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

It’s time again for the Film Friday Weekly Roundup… Ssshh! It’s the (almost) completely silent edition. As Hugo storms the screens and The Artist continues to pile up the critical nods, silent films are all over the place. Now let’s all put on our thrift store cardigans and lace up our Converse and say we liked silents before they were cool. But seriously, I often feel like silent films are Tinkerbell and they survive on the sheer power of wish. I’ll take interest in the continued existence and screening of them, however it comes. So take a read of some of the silent news circulating the interwebs this week, and then go polish off those silent movie wish lists. And speaking of the power of wish… Dear Santa, I wouldn’t turn up my nose at that Kino box set of box sets… just sayin’. Happy reading and happy viewing!

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Social media consultant, blogger for hire, and lover of classic movies and silent films. I often watch, consider, and write about movies when I should really be doing other things.

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  1. Very cute Melies film! (he’d be a useful guy to have around when moving or setting up housekeeping.)

  2. Excellent point! Speaking as person who have moved approximately 5,000 times, his way is definitely better!

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  2. Pingback: Film Friday | Weekly Roundup « Pretty Clever Films

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