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Today is the Film Friday Weekly Roundup very late afternoon edition. Why is Pretty Clever Film Gal so late today? Because she forgot it was Friday! Part of the magic of the holiday season is that you completely lose track of time, forget what day of the week it is, and generally feel life is about so much more than work and computer screens. I hope you all had fantabulous holidays and that Santa left everything you ever wanted under your tree. I also hope you have rockin’ New Years Eve plans so you can par-tay before facing the grim reality of new year’s resolutions. Unless, like PCFG, your new’s resolution is easy to keep (more movies, of course!). Happy viewing and happy reading and Happy New Year!

  • I would my eye tooth to see the dog dressed as Charlie Chaplin that this article mentions. Alas, I have to imagine.
  • On the occasion of the Blu-ray and dvd reissue of Birth of a Nation, Dave Kehr takes a second look.
  • Someday I’ll find the time to review The Artist (I swear!). Fortunately Flick Chick at A Person in the Dark already did.
  • Film School Rejects reviews the best Criterion releases of 2011.
  • You know I love a crazy hat. Film Noir Photos gives us Josephine Baker in a truly impressive one.
  • The Academy of Mythical Monkeys presents Silent Oscars Winners of 1918.
  • I had almost forgotten about the awesome The Spiral Staircase, but thanks to Classic Film Freak I remember.
  • In the midst of your holiday frenzy, you might have missed The Humphrey Bogart Blogathon. Fortunately, the internet is forever!
  • I wish, wish, wish every person in the world could see the short film “Trotteur.” Hell, I wish I could see it again. Oh wait, I can. It’s coming up at TIFF Bell Lightbox again! If you’re not in Toronto though… well, you can see this teaser trailer. It’s a stunner!

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