B-Day Shoutout to Sergei Eisenstein, the “Father of Montage”


Sergei Eisenstein was born January 23, 1898. Since he’s often referred to as the “Father of Montage,” I suppose today is also montage’s birthday. I also suppose we can debate that whole father of montage mumbo jumbo, but I am sure of one thing, my friends – Sergei Eisenstein, hands down, wins the coveted Hair Do of the Millennium award. A guy shows up with ‘do like that and you just know he’s about to pull some radical, genius hoo-doo on your ass.

But don’t just take the hairdo’s word for it. Watch some Eisenstein, particulary Strike (1924), Battleship Potemkin (1925), and October (1927).

If you can wait ’til October, you can get Kino’s Blu-ray edition of Strike and you can get’s Kino’s dvd edition of Battleship Potemkin now. In the meantime, you can read this excellent piece on Eisenstein from Senses of Cinema, or better yet, get it straight from the hairdo’s mouth with Film Form: Essays in Film Theory by the man himself.

Too much reading and or waiting. No prob, Pretty Clever Film Gal’s got you covered. You can watch October RIGHT NOW.

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Social media consultant, blogger for hire, and lover of classic movies and silent films. I often watch, consider, and write about movies when I should really be doing other things.

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  1. Hope you don’t mind, but your post gave me the chance to steal a little of your Eisenstein hoo-doo that you doo(d?) so well. . . . Let’s just call it inspiration from you to me. It’s not much but the images took me all damn afternoon.

  2. Not wigged. Just wiggy . . .

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