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The Artist Won Best Picture and I Partied Like It’s 1928

the artist cast

Hello! If you watched the Oscars last night and decided to check out this whole silent movie rigamarole, welcome! Bien venue! If you’re a loyal reader and you’re just dying to know how the Pretty Clever Film Gal is celebrating… suffice it to say champagne gives her headache but she has struggled through to put it all in perspective. Read on! If you read the blog just disagree with me, boo-ya and word to your mama! Read the rest of this entry

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Now here we are, almost at the big moment. The Oscars air this Sunday and the question on every silent film fans lips is “Will it or won’t it?” This year is such a silent film bonanza, we have the silent related Hugo as a back up to the actually silent The Artist. Just a gentle reminder, if The Artist takes the prize on Sunday, it will only be the second time that a silent film has scored a Best Picture award. The first silent film to do so was also the first Best Picture winner, Wings. So, will it or won’t it? We’ll see. Now for the Film Friday Weekly Roundup – the all news edition! Happy reading and happy viewing! Read the rest of this entry

Ryan Ward & Matt Heiti Talk Son of the Sunshine and Genie Nominations

ryan-ward-son-of-the-sunshineI was very fortunate to talk to the Genie nominated co-writers of Canadian indie film Son of the Sunshine. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. It’s an excellent debut feature from Ward (writer/director/lead) focusing on a young man with a severe form of Tourette’s syndrome. I’m not going to tell you more than that because, well, you should see it. If you’re lucky enough to be in Toronto you can see Son of the Sunshine on February 22 at the Carlton Cinema as part of Raindance Toronto’s Indie Nite.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in Toronto, keep  your fingers crossed that Son of the Sunshine scores a Genie and makes it way to a theater near you.

Keeping it alive: Ryan Ward and Matt Heiti talk Son of the Sunshine and Genie nominations

Independent Canadian filmmaking might rightfully be compared to the myth of Sisyphus. In a system that’s unwelcoming to newcomers and fresh voices, young filmmakers are left to fund a production with little more than sheer grit and then endlessly push a boulder across lonely prairies from film festival to film festival, hoping to garner enough kudos along the way to attract a wider audience. This state of affairs might partially explain why Ryan Ward, director, lead actor, and co-writer of Son of the Sunshine, wasn’t really planning on attending the 32nd Annual Genie Awards press conference during which nominees were announced. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

So, first thing this morning, my computer informs me it has VERY IMPORTANT updates to install and would like to install them NOW. I said, no, no… I have a Friday Film Roundup post to write and politely asked it to just hold its horses. Then, when the post was near completed, poof! The computer refuses to wait any longer and shuts down. Well, crud (or something slightly saltier). The good news: I didn’t lose the post! When my obstinate coworker, Mr. HP, finally rebooted, my draft was patiently waiting for me. So I know it’s going to be a fine Friday, with luck and sunshine raining down on me. So let’s get on with! Here’s come good stuff from the interwebs. Happy reading and happy viewing! Read the rest of this entry

Happy Valentine’s, My Pet. It’s also my birthday.


I’ve always suspected John Barrymore would be a terrible Valentine. Like he would just get drunk, only talk about himself and his famous family, and eventually vomit on your rug and pass out in your bed with a lit cigarette in his hand. Then I find out John Barrymore’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and that confirms it – it would be all about him.

Beware the handsome bad boy, ladies! He’ll break your heart and leave you with an expensive dry cleaning bill!

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