Spotlight on the Toronto Animated Image Society

I’m not sure I’m cool enough to hang out with animators, but I did have the opportunity to talk with Madi Piller, the current president of the Toronto Animated Image Society. What do they do? In a nutshell, they love animation and do everything possible to nurture, promote, and propagate it. I can think of worse pass times. Check out my conversation with Madi at Toronto Film Scene.

Spotlight On: Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

Since 1984, the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) has encouraged animation as an art form. The artist-run, not-for-profit organization is deeply committed to animation and those who create it, but in the most practical terms. With a fully-equipped animation studio in Liberty Village, TAIS provides affordable access to specialized equipment. Through talks with master animators, workshops, monthly “Incubators,” and annual animation showcases, TAIS promotes the exchange of information, ideas, and encourages animators to do what they do best: animate. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

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