Avi Federgreen Launches Edmonton Based Film Production Company River Valley Films

Avi Federgreen, acclaimed Canadian film producer and founder of Federgreen Entertainment and IndieCan Entertainment, announced today the launch of River Valley Films, a new film production company based in Edmonton, Alberta. With River Valley Films, Federgreen both salutes his hometown of Edmonton and aims to provide Edmonton filmmakers with the tools and the means to contribute to Canadian independent cinema.

When you add River Valley Films into the fold with Federgreen’s new Canadian distribution concern, IndieCan Entertainment, you might suspect that Federgreen is engineering a kind of Canadian cinema Manifest Destiny, from sea to shining sea. For Federgreen it’s always about producing, promoting and encouraging Canadian filmmakers to get in the game and to tell Canadian stories. With so much attention focused on the film communities of Toronto and Vancouver, it’s about time Edmonton got some opportunity as well.

“Edmonton doesn’t get used as a filming destination nearly enough….I hope to change all that. I grew up in Alberta – watching films on the big screen and hoping one day to make my own films. I am lucky enough to make filmmaking my life’s work, and now I want to help Alberta filmmakers get their chance to make films that can be seen across this great country and around the world.”

Federgreen knows, that much like Toronto, Edmonton has a vibrant and engaged community of filmmakers, just waiting for the chance to tell their stories. And Federgreen knows if Canadian independent cinema wishes to produce a body of distinctively Canadian work and tell relevant, distinctively Canadian stories that Canadian film goers want to see, all of Canada has to be invited to the party. Thus, in partnership with Edmonton based industry veteran Guy Lavallee, River Valley Films is born.

“Alberta has so many talented writers, directors, actors, and crew,” says Federgreen. “These talented people need to be given the opportunity to tell Canadian stories, but they are not given enough of an opportunity to make indigenous films. River Valley Films is a company that wants to change all that. We want to make films written by Alberta writers, directed by Alberta directors, made 100% in Alberta!”

Federgreen is currently in Edmonton to launch IndieCan’s initial release, Moon Point. After the 1:oo pm screening on April 1 at Hudson’s campus, local filmmakers will get the first crack at Federgreen’s extensive filmmaking resources and a chance to make the roster at River Valley Films with Pitchfest. Just bring your Moon Point ticket stub and your best idea for a movie,  and you’ll get to pitch Federgreen on an idea, outline, script or film!

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