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Watch 3 Laurel and Hardy Silent Movies


It’s Saturday, it’s kind of yuck outside, and Pretty Clever Film Gal has a splitting headache. What to do, what to do? I think 3 Laurel and Hardy silents plus some hair of the dog should do the trick.

I’m pretty certain that these are all Hal Roach productions from 1928 or 1929, but I could be wrong and I’m too lazy to check at the moment. If you know better, by all means, lay it on me. Otherwise, just enjoy.

Now… sshhh! Read the rest of this entry

Bah Humbug!… It’s a Silent Movie “A Christmas Carol”, Times Four

A Christmas Carol-Edison Studios-1910Watching a movie adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is always the warning shot fired over the bow of Christmas for me. It doesn’t really matter which movie version it is, and there are so so  many of them, this classic Victorian Christmas tale confirms that  it’s time to prepare the milk and cookies for St. Nick. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of the silent movie versions of “A Christmas Carol.” Warning: Take all of the information below with a grain of salt, as there is a lot of conflicting information about studios, directors, and years out there. If can confirm or deny any of this, chirp in via the comments! Read the rest of this entry

Marion Davies in Little Old New York (1923)

One of the few plus sides to be afflicted with this season’s super virus is that is allows for a lot of lounging and YouTube time. What is there to do when you can’t eat, sleep, breathe or come into contact with other humans? Watch silent movies of course! This one is a delightful trifle starring the delightful Marion Davies. Check out the YouTube playlist and enjoy!

Here’s part 1 (of 9) to get you hooked.

Buster Keaton in Samuel Beckett’s “Film” (1965)

Buster Keaton in Samuel Beckett's Film

Whoa you guys… in my daily Buster Keaton foray (how do you start your day?), I came across this short film made by Sam Beckett in 1965. This is Beckett’s only attempt to crack the film medium, and it stars none other than Buster Keaton.

This is more classic Beckett than classic Keaton, but the meta-dramatic principles at play suit Keaton just fine. In “Film,” Keaton plays O. (object) seeking to avoid the all-seeing E. (eye). It’s truly silent… not only is there no dialouge, there’s no music. This is however a single, “Shhh!”

I can go on about it but you want to see it, right?

After watching you might want to read this illuminating essay on Beckett, Bishop Berkley’s “esse est percipi” principle (to be seen is to be perceived), and more than you probably want to know about E. and O.

Pretty Clever Film’s Top 10 Silent Horror Movies

In honor of Halloween, Pretty Clever Film Gal brings you her personal favorite scary movies, all of them silent. It is a fact that movie goers love fright films and it is a fact that horror movies have been around since the dawn of film. For my money, silent films take the prize for sheer creep factor. These early silent horror movies may not make you jump in your seat and they’re certainly not the gore-fest variety of later shock cinema, but… well there’s something about a monster creeping about and saying nothing, no? Read the rest of this entry

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