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Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Pretty Clever Film Gal is contemplating renaming Classic Movie Puppy from Abby to Norma Desmond. Since moving to Toronto (and away from ready access to the adoration of millions in NYC), CMP has been flouncing about the house like some faded movie diva. The picture could only be complete is she was actually wearing a silk robe, turban, and those feathery slipper things. At the end of yesterday’s walk, after failing to engage a single reserved Torontonian in some impromptu sidewalk pets, she seemed rather dejected. So I said, “Abby, you used to big in NYC.” And she replied, “I am big. It’s the town that got small.” Touche, Classic Movie Puppy, touche. Despite catering to the every whim of my little diva, Pretty Clever Film Gal scoured the web for the latest and greatest, so you don’t have to. Happy reading and happy viewing!

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Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

It’s been a busy week at Pretty Clever Films Headquarters thanks to TCM’s Summer Under the Stars. First we’re treated with Lon Chaney day and then Humphrey Bogart day. At night, I hear TIVO softly crying to himself in the other room. Even though I have roughly a gagillion movies to watch, I still took the time to scour the interwebs for the best goings on so you don’t have to. There seems to be an explosion of silent movie writings this week and here are a few of the best. Have a read, pop a bottle of bubbly to celebrate silent movie love, and happy viewing! Read the rest of this entry

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

It’s a holiday weekend no matter which side of the fence you’re on. Happy Canada Day and/or Happy 4th of July, depending on where you are! Since I’m existentially straddling that fence, I’ve decided to celebrate both. Summer holiday weekends mean bbq, pool dates, fireworks and, of course, lots of movies! So kick back, soak up some rays, uncork a bottle  of vino and take a tour around the interwebs in this weeks Friday Roundup. And then get to watching!

  • If you’re looking for something to watch, you can’t go wrong with Mary Pickford in Poor Little Rich Girl. Mythical Monkey has conveniently provided some cool factoids and a link to stream it.
  • Mandy has set herself the task of watching each movie in Roger Ebert’s Great Movies and writing about them The Mandy/Ebert Project. Personally I love a list and checking things off of a list, and I love the completely guileless way Mandy approaches movies. She writes so personally and without a whit of pretension. A long weekend is the perfect time to catch up on her progress and start to follow along!
  • A here-to-fore unknown Chaplin short (probably compiled without his knowledge) “Zepped” failed to meet $100,000 reserve at a London Auction. I love Chaplin as much as the next gal, but 100K for a “Chaplinesque” short does seem a bit much, especially in these troubled times.
  • June 29 was Bernard Herrmann’s 100th birthday and bloggers celebrated with great pieces all over the interwebs, inlcuding Alfred Hitchcock Geek with his excellent “Hitchcock and Herrmann: A Tale of Two Maestros”
  • Noir & Chick Flicks reviewed the Marion Davies flick “Quality Street” this week. Yes, that Marion Davies, the 20th Century’s Helen of Troy. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but thanks to this review it’s on my list.
  • Ingmar Bergman had a cinema barn and he visited it every day at 3 p.m. I want a cinema barn, and I’m going out to buy some lottery tickets now, since that’s the only way I can think of to get my own cinema barn.
  • I had forgotten all about <a title=”IMDB” href=”” target=”_blank”>The Three Lives of Thomasina, but Via Margutta 51 reminded me this week. It was a particular favorite of mine as a child because my cat looked a lot like Thomasina. Is it a great movie? Nooo… but it brought back very fond memories.

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