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Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

What a very exciting week it has been for silent movies and the people who blog about them. Suddenly, everyone wants to know more. It’s seems that an Best Picture Oscar win for the The Artist has confirmed this whole silent movie thing isn’t just a flash in the pan for the public. Everyone wants in on the action, up to and including the Winnipeg public library. Today is a great day for the newly initiated to dip a toe into the wild world of silent movies, since we have both a grave robbing and marriage scandal to look back on. See it’s way more interesting than you may have thought, huh? At any rate, here’s the silent movies doings and shakings. Happy reading and happy viewing! Read the rest of this entry

Clip from The Thief of Bagdad

Special effects 1924 style! As part of the July series “Race and Hollywood: Arab Images on Film,” TCM aired The Thief of Bagdad last night. I had forgotten how much I love this movie and Douglas Fairbanks. This film is pure delight, and here’s one of the more delightful moments to whet your appetite.

If you missed it, The Thief of Bagdad is available for download at (original, without “extra” footage) and can also be streamed on Netflix.

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