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Talk About Dancing For Your Dinner…

[Chaplin’s] determination to make a serio-comic feature was challenged by First National who preferred two reel films, which were more quickly produced and released. Chaplin wisely gained his distributors’ approval by inviting them to the studio, where he trotted out the delightful Coogan to entertain them.   – Phil Posner, The Kid Synopsis

Jackie Coogan in The Rag Man (1925)

Jackie Coogan - The Rag ManIf charm and a certain preternatural precociousness are the currency of a great child actor, then Jackie Coogan was a very rich little boy in the 1920’s. Best known as Charlie Chaplin’s sidekick in The Kid. Coogan was a meteoric success in the silent era. As with Shirley Temple a few years later, movie-goers couldn’t get enough of that round little face and that street urchin spunk. But alas… child actors have a very short shelf life and as he grew older Coogan fell out of audience favor. Coupled with the usual tragic tales of parental misuse of his wealth, Coogan struggled for acting work post WWII and landed mostly on television. But let’s rewind to 1925, when Coogan was still the boy king of the box office and delighting audiences with classic silents like The Rag Man. Read the rest of this entry

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