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Happy Valentine’s, My Pet. It’s also my birthday.


I’ve always suspected John Barrymore would be a terrible Valentine. Like he would just get drunk, only talk about himself and his famous family, and eventually vomit on your rug and pass out in your bed with a lit cigarette in his hand. Then I find out John Barrymore’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and that confirms it – it would be all about him.

Beware the handsome bad boy, ladies! He’ll break your heart and leave you with an expensive dry cleaning bill!

Silent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Tonight at Casa Loma

The Toronto Theatre Organ Society is presenting the classic silent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Casa Loma. This screening not only features live musical accompaniement, John Lauter will provide an original score on the not to be trifled  with Wurlitzer!

If you’ve never seen John Barrymore as Jekll/Hyde, get out to see it! If you’ve never seen Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with live accompaniment, get out to see it! If you’ve never seen it in a castle with a massive Wurlitzer, for the love of all that is holy, get out and see!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is screening Monday, November 7 at Casa Loma at 7 p.m. Get more information and purchase tickets here.

For the Good of Russia | Rasputin and the Empress (1932)

Here’s the first thing I’ll say about this historical drama: this film is not factually accurate. There was a Russian Royal family known as the Romanovs, there was a confoundingly enigmatic mystic named Rasputin, and everyone did die. That’s roughly where the similarities end. Let’s agree to forgive this film its historical inaccuracies. After all, the movie was released in 1932, a mere 15 years after the October Revolution which destroyed the tsarist monarchy and information trickling out of Russia was sparse at the time. The question of whether the filmmakers even intended historical accuracy is moot because so many facts are skewed in this movie. So let’s leave the history to the historians, and think about this film as a drama. Read the rest of this entry

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