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Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Wow, it’s been both a short, too-fast week and a really long one. Things have been pretty quiet on the blog, but Pretty Clever Film Gal has some awesome things in the works. And let me just say, friends and neighbors, Toronto is a great place to hang your hat if you love classic movies. I know what you’re thinking… New York? Yes, New York has an endless supply of everything, including classic films. But the problem is, it’s an endless supply and it’s easy to get choice paralysis and not partake at all. I’m sorry, New York, but it’s Toronto that offers choices like Monday’s Toronto Theatre Organ Society‘s screening of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a castle, with Wurlitzer organ accompaniment. That’s pretty priceless. But I digress… as always, Pretty Clever Film Gal has scoured the interwebs for you, so let’s get to it. Happy reading and happy viewing!

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Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

It’s been a busy week at Pretty Clever Films Headquarters thanks to TCM’s Summer Under the Stars. First we’re treated with Lon Chaney day and then Humphrey Bogart day. At night, I hear TIVO softly crying to himself in the other room. Even though I have roughly a gagillion movies to watch, I still took the time to scour the interwebs for the best goings on so you don’t have to. There seems to be an explosion of silent movie writings this week and here are a few of the best. Have a read, pop a bottle of bubbly to celebrate silent movie love, and happy viewing! Read the rest of this entry

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