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Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Good news! Ed Hindson, president of the World Prophetic Ministry, officially assures us Saturday is definitely NOT the end of time. But just in case, I’m spending my last days reading about movies on the interwebs. It’s on my bucket list. If you have some time to kill until the rapture check out:

  • Thanks to the Classic Movies of 1939 Blogathon and Grand Old Movies, I remembered that this movie exists and I must see it. Like soon. Read GOM’s review of The Return of Doctor X, Bogey’s sojourn into the horror genre.
  • Smart and insightful Silent Volume attended the Mary Pickford event at TIFF as well. Read his take on the lecture and “The New York Hat.”
  • SoVirtuallyYours gets some love from Bobby O.? Color me jealous. Really, really jealous.
  • I finally saw Bringing Up Baby this week. Roger Ebert provides a succinct brief on the critical and commercial failure of the movie at it’s release.
  • Lars Von Trier gets a lot of attention at Cannes. Makes Kirsten Dunst want to crawl in a hole and die.
  • I like movie viewing girls, I like 12 Angry Men, and I like lists. It’s kismet!
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