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B-Day Shoutout to Sergei Eisenstein, the “Father of Montage”


Sergei Eisenstein was born January 23, 1898. Since he’s often referred to as the “Father of Montage,” I suppose today is also montage’s birthday. I also suppose we can debate that whole father of montage mumbo jumbo, but I am sure of one thing, my friends – Sergei Eisenstein, hands down, wins the coveted Hair Do of the Millennium award. A guy shows up with ‘do like that and you just know he’s about to pull some radical, genius hoo-doo on your ass. Read the rest of this entry

Vilma Banky, The Hungarian Rhapsody

Vilma Banky Dec 1929 - A Lady To Love (Aka Sunkissed) - By Ruth Harriet Louise

According to my amazing Silent Film Calendar, today is Vilma Banky’s 114th birthday. At first I thought, “Happy birthday Vilma Banky!” Then I thought, “Wait a minute… who’s Vilma Banky.” Read the rest of this entry

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Pretty Clever Film Gal’s got nothing this week. I didn’t scour the web so you don’t have to. Hey, it’s the ramp up to  the big Christmas Day, which involves decking the halls, procuring a grain-fed, free-range turkey, and fighting the crowds to get the last fuzzy, polar bear shaped card at Shopper’s Drug Mart. In short, I’ve been busy getting my festive on. I hope you’ve all been busy too, making your wish-list, checking it twice, and sending via email blast to your friends and loved ones. Is there a better way to make sure there are goodies under your tree? I won’t let you completely down, though. In addition to the roundup of silent versions of “A Christmas Carol,” I’ve put together this nifty little list of other Christmas related silents, for your viewing pleasure. Happy viewing and merry, merry Christmas! Read the rest of this entry

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