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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Film Critics

Spirit of the Beehive

What happens when film critics critique film critics? You get a double-blind study! At least that’s what TIFF is treating us to this week with “Fifty Years of Discovery: Cannes Critics Week,” a film series celebrating the golden anniversary of that venerable sidebar to Cannes known as International Critics Week.

Find out all about the series and the answer to one of life’s burning questions (namely, “Critics, what are they good for?”) in my piece about the TIFF series at Toronto Film Scene:

Critics Vet the Critics in TIFF’s “Fifty Years of Discovery: Cannes Critics Week”

This week, TIFF Cinematheque is going meta with a screening series that celebrates the golden anniversary of another film festival, which is itself a sidebar to another pretty well known film festival (hint: it starts with a “C”). In the series Fifty Years of Discovery: Cannes Critics Week, TIFF has invited eight local film critics, or “opinion-makers” if you please, to choose favourites from the films discovered, showcased, and generally boosted by Critics Week, the now fifty-year-old sidebar to the Cannes International Film Festival. CLICK HERE TO READ ON.


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