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October is a Movie Bonanza!

I know I posted about October being Buster Keaton month on TCM yesterday. But the always fab She Blogged By Night dug way deeper and, as she says, TCM “is going to kick your butt first and ask questions never.” Seriously, cruise over there and look at what she rounded up.

In addition to a smorgasbord of Keaton films, TCM is pulling out the Halloween stops with a cavalcade of classic horror films. Cat People, people! It’s a good thing I have two dvrs and memory is cheap!

Today on TCM: Rancho Notorious (1952)

Rancho Notorious - 1952 - Marlene Dietrich - Fritz Lang

Western wear, Fritz Lang direction, (campy?) Dietrich, and George Reeves, later to play TV’s Superman and die in an enduring and intriguing Hollywood scandal – really, what more could you ask for in movie? TCM is airing Fritz Lang’s 1952 Technicolor western Rancho Notorious today at 3:15 pm EST.Is it straight-up schlock or one of Lang’s finest (and that’s a high bar!)? Do some reading, tune, and let Pretty Clever Film Gal know your verdict!

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Oh no, Bobby O!

Robert Osborne Pretty Clever Films

Life has kind of been getting in the way of blogging and following along with the classic movie universe this  week, so I totally missed the news that Robert Osborne is taking leave of absence from hosting duties at TCM to undergo minor surgery. I suppose it’s arguable that this is causing me way more to distress that it should, but… well, Bobby O. is my comforting, friendly, movie loving grandpa and I’ll certainly miss him for 3 months. Get well soon, Mr. Osborne! Oh and my dinner invitation still stands!

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