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A Small Moment in Bringing Up Baby

One of my favorite moments in Bringing Up Baby is Cary Grant’s delivery of a very small line, “My soup is gone.” In the midst of a manic roundabout of up and down, his rational observation is an irrational situation is hilarious. Sheila at The Sheila Variations thinks so too.

Original New York Times Review of Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby flopped in its own day. Here’s the original pan from that venerable Gray Lady, The New York Times. It’s more than a little harsh.

Notes on Bringing Up Baby

I came across this interesting piece on Bringing Up Baby, “Bringing Up Bride – Gender, Class, and Marriage in Screwball Comedy.” Lots of good points here, including thinking of the screwball comedy genre as a kind of end run around the Hays code. I came across this point in several other places, but omitted it from my review.

Watch Bringing Up Baby Online

Bringing Up Baby is widely available on DVD and airs frequently on TCM. But if you’re broke and impatient, you can watch Bringing Up Baby in its entirety online.

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